Vegetable Curry

Progress, PA

Aangan Classic Indian & Nepalese cuisine is a melting point of the ultimate experience in Indian dining. The terrific taste of our cuisine appeals to the appetite of all customers who walk through the doors of our restaurant. We are keen to bring out the intensely colorful and vibrant world of Indian and Nepalese food. We endeavor to provide fulfilling Indian hospitality as well as reception to make your dining experience memorable. In addition, your satisfaction and comfort are of paramount concern to us.

We believe we have managed to achieve this through the ever increasing number of our customer base. From serving a few hundred people in the initial stages of setting up shop, today thousands of customers walk through doors owing to the growing appreciation of the Indian and Nepalese cuisine in Progress, PA. We take advantage of our strategic location at the heart of Progress, PA to offer impeccable service with our emphasis being on refined traditional classic cuisine as well as original new dishes. Our customer experience focuses on customized and personal services from the reception to the finger licking North Indian Punjabi style meals from select recipes. Most importantly, we understand the different lifestyles of our customer hence try to accommodate them by taking care of special interests like vegan, gluten free or meat. In fact, we are known to offer not only the best but also yummy vegetable curry so you can make us your number one curry house. Our reputation for exemplary service and exquisite d├ęcor is undisputed. Our restaurant's interior is luxurious yet it borrows heavily from the vibrant Indian culture and style. All this is aimed at providing our customers a unique ambiance that will create a lasting impression in their minds.

Whether you are into Indian and Nepalese cuisine or you want to try it for the first time, we promise you the best of both worlds. Come dine with us and you will definitely come back for more. You can also call us to place your orders in advance.