Indian Restaurant

Harrisburg, PA

If you are in Pennsylvania and are in the mood for authentic Indian or Nepalese cuisine, consider Aangan Classic Indian & Nepalese restaurant. We are reputable for our combination of sizzling and outstanding Indian and Nepalese cuisine coupled with unmatched service by our delightful staff. In fact, we dare say we are the cornerstone for Indian and Nepalese cuisine in Pennsylvania so you do not need to find a strictly Indian restaurant or Nepalese Restaurant.

We have received recognition for our exquisite flavors and excellent customer service from our team of dedicated and friendly staff. Our chefs are highly skilled in preparing Indian and Nepalese dishes to create tantalizing and mouthwatering flavors that will leave you craving for more. Most importantly, they carefully select the spices to give the food a rich flavor, aroma and character. In addition, they use different techniques, such as frying the spices whole, roasting or even grinding them to achieve the desired flavor.

Our menu features a wide range of amazing selections that are made using fresh and high-quality ingredients as well as spices that will appeal to just about everyone. Conveniently located in Harrisburg, PA, in a serene surrounding, Aangan Classic Indian & Nepalese restaurant has established itself as a favorite culinary destination in the area. We are sure to offer a unique and pleasant dining experience every time you visit. Although our specialty is ethnic foods, you can count on us for a modern interpretation of classic dishes.

If you have been looking for an Indian restaurant or Nepalese Restaurant in Pennsylvania, we invite you to come and enjoy some amazing Indian and Nepalese dishes from our rich menu that are carefully prepared to arouse your test buds. We are open every day of the week. We will be more than happy to serve you. Come and enjoy our ambiance and hospitality. If you need takeout, call us and place your order now.